Saturday, February 12, 2011

Average lifetime car insurance costs estimated at $84,000

by Jeff Glucker

Unless you live in New Hampshire, here in the States, you're required to have some form of car insurance covering your vehicle. The annual cost to insure a car depends on an array of factors ranging from the type of vehicle to where you live to your driving record. You undoubtedly know what you pay for insurance on an annual or monthly basis, but do you know how much you will end up paying over the course of your driving life? According to, the average person will spend $84,388.

What does 'average' mean in the context of this study? In this case, researchers assume that you first insure your own vehicle at 21 years old, get married at 27, insure two teenagers for a few years and then stop driving when you turn 75. That passage of time is filled with a variety of claims, including accidents and other incidents that get sent across your insurance agent's desk.

Predictably, offers up a few suggestions for cutting your overall coverage expenses. Some are easier said than done (avoid traffic tickets) while others might actually be fun (defensive driving course). Check out the company's press release for the full details after the jump.


sasta10 said...

Are you sure its $84,000. I think it will more, Insurance price are going rocket high and where I live in the UK some insurance company don't even insure certain cars as there is a risk. It look's like that some people will not even be able to afford driving a car in few years as the economy in the UK is a mess and a lot of people are out jobs.

Thanks for shring this.

Mahbubur Rahman