Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I DRAW CARS book coming for budding car designers

by Jeff Glucker

Love cars? Surely, then, you spent many a classroom hour doodling them all over their book covers and binders. Sometimes they looked kinda cool, while other times you wish you had used pencil instead of pen. A new book is in the works that will help budding automotive designers hone their skill, and the octavo will serve as both a sketchbook and a reference guide. It's called I DRAW CARS, and you can help bring it to life.

The team behind the book is currently asking for help on the website, and they've nearly hit their goal. There is still room to help out, and for some we'd think this would be money well spent.

I DRAW CARS was created to inspire and guide those who are intrigued by automotive design. The guide portion of the book breaks down the various vehicle segments being produced, as well as the various angles and perspectives one might choose to pen a design. The templates utilize non-photo blue ink, which means you can scan your design into a computer and the template won't come through, leaving just your image behind.

The project aims to put a great tool in the hands of those who dream to someday design the real thing. Check it out at the official website, and head over to Kickstarter if you feel like pitching in.


Tom Willer said...

I love Cars. I remember when i was young and studying. I don't have a toy car so what i did is i draw a car and imagine that i have it. haha LOL.

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Very good post1 I love drawing cars, I always used to do this as a little kid!

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