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Ford Mondeo Titanium X Sport

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Triumph Daytona motorcycle assembled from Lego bricks

by Jeremy Korzeniewski

Further proof that you can literally fashion anything if given access to enough interconnecting Lego bricks is this Triumph Daytona 1200 motorcycle. The machine has apparently been on display for quite some time at Legoland Windsor in Berkshire, England and is obviously assembled from thousands of individual pieces. We especially like the detailed engine, which is complete with linkages for the carbs and throttle cables.

As cool as this creation is, how much better would it be with a fully functional Lego engine? Of course, having a full-scale building-block motorcycle would also require a matching helmet. May we suggest this one? Click past the break for a video of the LEGO Triumph Daytona on its display stand and click here for more automotive-themed Lego madness.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Automotive Parts and Accessories for your Vehicle

If you’re a vehicle owner and find yourself looking at a damaged part of your vehicle, don’t start shopping for parts on local salvage yards. You might get the raw end of the deal there. The best thing you can do is to shop for auto parts and accessories online. The car parts industry has improved over the years and you can now enjoy the convenience of Internet ecommerce to buy quality used auto part and accessories. In fact you can purchase whatever auto part and accessories you need from auto parts and accessories online seller.

One of the biggest benefits of buying auto parts and accessories online is convenience. With simple click and point of the mouse, you will be able to easily find what you are looking for on the Internet. Whether you are looking for used auto part, hard to find accessories, rebuilt engines or used transmissions, you can find it in an online car part vendor site. You can avoid the hassle trudging through several salvage yards and hauling back the auto parts you bought. By shopping for auto parts and accessories online, you can simply order what you need and the merchandise will be delivered to you quickly.

Another advantage of shopping for auto parts and accessories online is accessibility. No matter what time of the day, you can always shop for used auto part and accessories that your vehicle needs. Sometimes, it would be difficult to find the right auto parts and accessories that can replace the damaged ones. Simply go online and order the specific used auto part and accessories you need. The online auto parts and accessories vendor will look for replacements on your behalf. An online auto parts and accessories vendor normally has contacts with manufacturers, salvage warehouses, and other suppliers. Allow them to look for the used auto part that you need and they will deliver it to you.

Quality is the biggest concern when buying used auto part and accessories. Because of modern remanufacturing processes, the quality of the used auto part and accessories you can buy online is guaranteed. There is a strict industry standard being followed in the auto parts and accessories market. In order to continue their businesses, online auto parts and accessories vendors ensure that their items are following the standards set by the industry. Usually, parts and accessories have been tested for performance especially if you are buying used engines or transmissions. So you will seldom encounter a problem if you buy used auto part and accessories online.

Consumer security is also protected by online auto parts and accessories sellers. If you purchase auto parts and accessories online, you will be required to pay through credit cards. Modern ecommerce security and site security features are already in place now to make your purchase safer. Your personal information will not be compromised if you buy online. A good online auto parts and accessories seller also protects your interest by providing warranties for its products. You can also get a return privilege if ever you see defects on the items you bought. These are the guarantees and protection you can enjoy from an online auto part and accessories seller.

Internet technology changed the entire online auto parts and accessories market. You can now enjoy the convenience and safety of online shopping if ever you need replacements for damaged auto parts and accessories. You can also get quality used auto parts and accessories at a much lower price from an online auto part and accessories seller.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Grille Guards Can Do for Your Truck

by: Kay Zetkin

Isn’t it an appealing thought to make your truck look better while still protecting it? You can actually accomplish this through several ways. However, few ways are as dramatic as installing grill guards to your truck.

Are you familiar with truck grill guards? You may say you are, on sight at least. However, are you aware that these devices offer tremendous advantages for your truck, especially if you are using it for off road riding and job sites? Probably not. Very few actually know about this.

Most models of truck grill guards are formed by tubular steel. The front end of your beloved truck is very much protected by having this device installed there. Aside from the usual protection it offers to the grille, itself, grill guards also protect the radiator that is typically behind the grille. You can have truck grill guards based on your preferred finish. There are several kinds of finishes available, as most truck accessories usually do. You can match your grill guard to your other truck accessories to give it a certain complete look.

When looking for a grill guard for your truck, you have to remember a few important things:

1. Remember that you have to purchase the grill guards designed to fit the specific make and brand of your vehicle. By doing this, the possibility of having to drill new holes in your truck’s underside in order to provide a perfect fit for your new grill guard is eliminated. Several companies actually offer custom designed truck grill guards for many truck makes or brand.

2. It is also important that you purchase an entire truck grill guard package, complete with skid plate and/or skid plate and other component pieces.

3. Lastly, make sure that you consider the gauge of steel that your choice of guard is constructed with. Thicker is better since it would guarantee more protection. However, your grill guard will be heavier and would involve more pounds of gasoline to load your truck.

If you have already decided on all these items, next thing you have to decide is the finish you prefer. Many companies offer stainless steel, chrome and powder coated black truck grill guards. As far as longevity and looks are concerned, each of these types of finish has something different to offer. Remember to check with your grill guard retailer and find out the length of warranty that they apply to each type of finish.

Then, next is the issue of style. This option depends on the appearance of steel it is made with. Finally, you must decide on the installation of your new grill guard. Some brands can be easily installed on their own by you while just having to bolt it in place. Meanwhile in installing other brands, like the OEM options, you need a skilled mechanic’s assistance. You can actually choose a few options according to your mechanical abilities.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Want to make your car sound turbocharged? Get the Turbo Whistler!

by Drew Phillips

Have you ever wanted your car to sound turbocharged without having any of the functional benefits? Yeah, neither have we, but apparently someone thought it was a good idea to make such a product. Knowing some of the things people put on their cars, we have no doubt it will find a few buyers too. Named the Turbo Whistler, this aluminum device clamps onto your tailpipe (no welding or drilling necessary!) and emits a sound similar (a term used very loosely in this case) to the whistle of a turbocharger under throttle. The company's web site claims that it will trick all of your friends into thinking your vehicle is benefiting from forced induction. Our guess is that if they don't know the difference, they will also believe you when you tell them your Honda Accord is also a "10-second car." Watch the Turbo Whistler in action in the video after the jump.