Nissan not shuttering Leaf EV battery plants, at least not yet By

The big news on the electric vehicle front today is that Nissan is considering slowing down EV battery production in the US and UK and source all of Nissan's big packs come from Japan.

This incredible Mercedes V12 sculpture is built from bone, wood and fossils

We've seen some impressive automotive replicas, but this one definitely takes the prize as the most unique yet.

1967 Toyota 2000GT Solar Electric Vehicle

You may have packed James Bond's cars with plenty of killer tech (get it?), but the 1967 Toyota 2000GT you see above has got it's own bad boy secrets.

Ford Mondeo Titanium X Sport

The Ford Mondeo range of cars offers the best in style, appearance and performance on the roads without compromising on quality or safety.

Corvette Z06 tops Motor Trend list of shortest-stopping vehicles

Any modern performance car worth buying puts just as much emphasis on stopping as it does on going

Monday, June 20, 2011

2012 BMW M5 configurator comes alive, threatens bank accounts everywhere

by Zach Bowman

John Milton had some pretty strong views on temptation. The famous poet and author of Paradise Lost wholeheartedly believed that one could not truly know one's goodness without facing genuine temptation on a regular basis. After all, how could you know whether you're straight-laced as a saint or crooked as the devil's own claws if you circumnavigated the world's vices? Fortunately for us, BMW has been so kind as to pull back the sheets on the company's 2012 M5 configurator. If ever there was a reason to fall into lust, this is it.

Right now, you can only pick from a handful of exterior colors and a pair of wheel options, but the German automaker says that more choices will arrive soon. For the moment, you can spend a few sacred moments meditating on whether your menacing sedan would look better in Monte Carlo metallic or Alpine White and what sort of peril you'd have to endure in order to secure the funds necessary to buy this beast for yourself. Don't worry, your secret's safe with us.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I DRAW CARS book coming for budding car designers

by Jeff Glucker

Love cars? Surely, then, you spent many a classroom hour doodling them all over their book covers and binders. Sometimes they looked kinda cool, while other times you wish you had used pencil instead of pen. A new book is in the works that will help budding automotive designers hone their skill, and the octavo will serve as both a sketchbook and a reference guide. It's called I DRAW CARS, and you can help bring it to life.

The team behind the book is currently asking for help on the website, and they've nearly hit their goal. There is still room to help out, and for some we'd think this would be money well spent.

I DRAW CARS was created to inspire and guide those who are intrigued by automotive design. The guide portion of the book breaks down the various vehicle segments being produced, as well as the various angles and perspectives one might choose to pen a design. The templates utilize non-photo blue ink, which means you can scan your design into a computer and the template won't come through, leaving just your image behind.

The project aims to put a great tool in the hands of those who dream to someday design the real thing. Check it out at the official website, and head over to Kickstarter if you feel like pitching in.