Nissan not shuttering Leaf EV battery plants, at least not yet By

The big news on the electric vehicle front today is that Nissan is considering slowing down EV battery production in the US and UK and source all of Nissan's big packs come from Japan.

This incredible Mercedes V12 sculpture is built from bone, wood and fossils

We've seen some impressive automotive replicas, but this one definitely takes the prize as the most unique yet.

1967 Toyota 2000GT Solar Electric Vehicle

You may have packed James Bond's cars with plenty of killer tech (get it?), but the 1967 Toyota 2000GT you see above has got it's own bad boy secrets.

Ford Mondeo Titanium X Sport

The Ford Mondeo range of cars offers the best in style, appearance and performance on the roads without compromising on quality or safety.

Corvette Z06 tops Motor Trend list of shortest-stopping vehicles

Any modern performance car worth buying puts just as much emphasis on stopping as it does on going

Monday, February 16, 2009

Brembo to temporarily lay off 1,800

With fewer cars being produced and sold, automotive suppliers face the same challenges as automakers. Italy's Brembo, producer of some of the most delectable braking hardware, will be laying off more than 1,800 workers to cope with a fourth quarter loss. The cuts will more closely align Brembo's production with newly decreased demand, and will affect workers at Brembo's locations in Italy, Mexico, and Poland. There is a government/industry fund that Brembo wishes to tap to help pay for the layoffs, though the cuts may be for a longer term than "temporary" implies. Brembo's orders have fallen drastically, and signs of recovery have yet to materialize.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tonneau Covers

TONNEAU COVER is a bed cover for a pickup truck. They can be hard or soft. Hard Tonneau Covers are usually hinge or fold. Tonneau Covers were used for an open rear passenger compartment of an SUV or truck and, by extension, a body style incorporating such a compartment. Tonneau is a French word which means cask, container, or cover. Most Tonneau Covers were fixed in place as an optional element at purchase, but some Tonneau Covers could be removed and customized. Early Tonneau Covers had a rear-facing hinged door but single or dual side doors were soon introduced to the Tonneau Cover market.

Hard - peak your truck bed with security and best looks. It is typically equipped with heavy-duty locks and durable shocks. Hard tonneau covers boast the best materials, too. Most hard tonneau covers can be paint-matched to your truck. Choosing to buy and fit a hard tonneau cover is without a doubt the correct decision. Tonneau covers made from other materials, no matter how well they are made, just aren't as weather-proof, securable, durable and as good looking as a hard tonneau covers.

Tonneau Cover Installation

Installing a Tonneau Cover is easy! Most Tonneau Covers don’t require drilling. Soft Tonneau Covers are the easiest to install — They can be installed in less than 20 minutes. Folding Tonneau Covers may require a little additional effort as they need some side supports that are aligned to the truck rails and these usually need some work and a little drilling. Hard top Tonneau Covers and Retractable Tonneau Covers take the most time for installation. These usually require some drilling to mount the corner bolts and the rest of the hardware.