Sunday, December 21, 2008

Choosing the Right Type of Tires

Before plunging headfirst into the sea of offroad tires trucks and coming out with the meanest, most intimidating monsters you can find, you have to at least know what type of monsters will best suit your offroad tires needs. First and foremost, you need to ask yourself a few questions. What type of off-road activities will you be doing the most? How much on-road and off-road driving will you do? What qualities in particular are you most concerned with -- durability, performance, traction, appearance, or ride quality? How much are you willing to spend? Taking some time to consider these important questions can help to narrow down what type of off-road tires are best for you.


Bosch said...

Right types of tires in the sense, they should give a long life for all the automobiles. This is also a automobile accessories which is the best running in the world. Also this should be taken care as it is one of the important thing for all the motors.

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Tom Willer said...

Your article is good. But I also have an additional suggestion when planning an off-road trip.

- Tires are only part of the equation when you want to improve traction off-road. Often you can get better results by modifying your vehicle and installing a traction differential and keep your regular off-the-shelf sport tires.

Another idea to consider is installing a winch* --possibly before you do anything else. Sometimes, making modifications such as changing your differential might cause you to take chances that will get you into trouble that would make you wish you had a winch.

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